Application of Natural Language Processing Technology For Making Agricultural Media Chatbots


  • Karuniaman Buulolo Magister of Computer Science, Potensi Utama University
  • Rika Rosnelly Magister of Computer Science, Potensi Utama University
  • Zakarias Situmorang Departement of Computer Science, Katolik Santo Thomas University



Natural Language Processing, Chatbot, Agricultural Media, Confusion Matrix, Web System


Agriculture is the use of resources by humans to
produce food raw materials and manage the surrounding
environment. With the development of industry today, many fields
use artificial intelligence, including agriculture. The aim of the
research carried out is to help farmers find out some important
information related to agriculture based on current relevance.
Implementation of the application of Natural Language
Processing (NLP) using the Dialogflow Platform to design and
integrate conversational user interfaces for chatbot web
applications. Chatbots have the ability to answer questions and
provide solutions more quickly and efficiently compared to
human-to-human interaction. The contribution of this research is
that Indonesian agriculture is expected to be able to implement
chatbots to improve the quality of information services and for
users to make it easier to obtain information related to Indonesian
agriculture. Based on the results of the evaluation of model
analysis with confusion matrix which was carried out by testing
the reliability method, the results of an accuracy level of 85% were
obtained from the correct number of test data divided by the total
dataset, recall was 100%, precision was 85% and F-measure was
57.14%. This shows that the Chatbot is very feasible and effective
to use.