Implementation of KOL marketing as a SME’s marketing strategy


  • Dian Rhesa Rahmayanti Respati Yogyakarta University
  • Putra Wanda Respati Yogyakarta University
  • Khaula Lutfiati Rohmah Respati Yogyakarta University
  • Metty Respati Yogyakarta University
  • Setyo Mahanani Nugroho Respati Yogyakarta University
  • Elisabeth Deta Lustiyati Respati Yogyakarta University



KOL marketing, digital marketing, MSMEs


SMEs are an ironic business sector which in its function is a pillar of the nation's economy, but in its marketing it still experiences many obstacles. Among them is the difficulty of SMEs in developing their marketing strategy. Furthermore, the KOL Marketing strategy is one of the marketing strategies that have recently become a trend to be implemented in many business sectors. KOL marketing is considered more effective in influencing audiences to make purchasing decisions so that it has an impact on rapid sales. Unfortunately, KOL marketing is identically implemented by big brands because it is assumed that KOL marketing costs are relatively expensive, while SMEs themselves are very limited in terms of financing. In the midst of limited funding and poor marketing implementation, Nana Baby Carrier as one of the RKS Sleman SMEs was able to adapt KOL marketing strategies and implement them according to the SMEs conditions. KOL Marketing concepts and strategies are imitated and modified to remain relevant to SME business conditions. So it actually gives birth to a KOL marketing concept that is right on target and more efficient. This research aims to determine the KOL Marketing Strategy in Improving the Product Branding of the SMEs of RKS study on the SMEs Nana baby carrier. KOL marketing itself is a development of digital marketing. This research uses qualitative descriptive research methods and characteristics assisted by interview data collection techniques with two informants (Founder and Cofounder Nana Baby Carrier) and document analysis. The research results show that there are six ways to create a strategy for using KOL to increase brand awareness.