Development Model Of Higher College Business Incubation Program In The Respati Yogyakarta University


  • Putra Wanda Respati Yogyakarta University
  • Khaula Lutfiati Rohmah Respati Yogyakarta University
  • Metty Respati Yogyakarta University
  • Dian Rhesa Rahmayanti Respati Yogyakarta University
  • Setyo Mahanani Nugroho Respati Yogyakarta University
  • Elisabeth Deta Lustiyati Respati Yogyakarta University



Business incubation, UNRIYO, Start Up


UNRIYO, as one of the private universities in Indonesia, has an entrepreneurial vision that targets the application of entrepreneurship in its various activities. In terms of academic activities, UNRIYO has an Entrepreneurship course as a compulsory subject, and other entrepreneurship courses developed by the Faculty such as Technopreneur, Sociopreneurship and Health Technology and Innovation. Based on the results of the 2022 Tracer Study, UNRIYO graduates who have become entrepreneurs have not yet reached the desired number. This is of course UNRIYO's evaluation of the graduate profile which is expected to be in accordance with the entrepreneurial vision. One effort to overcome the problems described above is by increasing collaboration between UNRIYO, industry and the government. Collaboration is carried out through learning activities and activities carried out by UNRIYO through university business units. This collaboration is aimed at the UNRIYO academic community, especially students and academics who have an interest and desire to become entrepreneurs. The university incubation program is one of the efforts that UNRIYO can undertake to achieve its entrepreneurial vision and mission, as well as facilitating the development of startup businesses in Indonesia. This program provides benefits for universities, startup entrepreneurs, government and society. Even though there are still many obstacles faced, with good collaboration between universities, industry and the government, the university incubation program can be an effective solution in developing the creative economy in Indonesia. It is hoped that the UNRIYO higher education incubation program will provide opportunities for UNRIYO to participate in developing Indonesia's creative economy. Start-up businesses that are expected to pass incubation by the UNRIYO Center for Entrepreneurship Studies (ReCEnt) are businesses that apply advances in information technology and have innovation value in their products or methods. This is both a challenge and an opportunity for students to contribute to the development of human civilization in the digital era.